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Standards for Access to Electronic Court Documents

The Clerk’s Office of Okaloosa County has received approval from the Florida Courts Technology Commission for the implementation of AOSC 17-47 In Re: Standards for Access to Electronic Court Documents. You recently received notification from our office for the requirement of new access agreements. Until we receive the new applications for access, you may notice that your online access to records and images that you were previously able to view may be limited. Once your application is received, each user will be assigned their role type, log-in, and access as outlined on the Access Security Matrix that accompanied AOSC 17-47. The Okaloosa Registered User Form can be downloaded below. Firms or agencies having more than three employees accessing online court records are required to have a designated gatekeeper and must submit an Okaloosa Agency Gatekeeper form.

Individuals desiring to have more extensive access for online court cases should download the Okaloosa County Access Agreement form, fill out according to the instructions in the packet, notarize and send back to the Clerk’s office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Users will be notified via email with login credentials within 3 working days.

Certain agencies, entities, or law firms wanting to register multiple users also will need to complete and sign the Okaloosa Gatekeeper Agency form to view records online and return it to the Clerk’s office according to the instructions in the packet.  Agency Gatekeepers shall use the Okaloosa Gatekeeper Management Request Form to modify or remove individual users within their organization, and to designate replacement or additional gatekeepers.

The Okaloosa County Access Agreement is for our local Case Management System (Benchmark).

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