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The Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Board of County Commissioners(BCC).  The Clerk’s BCC Finance Office receipts, properly records and prepares reports for all moneys received by the BCC, as well as, paying all properly authorized and legally sufficient disbursements for the BCC. 

As custodian of county funds, the Clerk ensures the County’s financial assets are safeguarded and properly recorded in the financial records to permit preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  As custodian of county funds, as well, the Clerk, in accordance with Section 28.33, Florida Statutes, invests any surplus funds in excess of those required to meet expenses, in accordance with an investment policy that ensures, among other things, that funds are invested in accordance with the priorities of :

  1. safety
  2. liquidity
  3. yield

The Florida Constitution also provides for the Clerk to act as Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In this capacity, a primary responsibility of the Clerk is to record and index minutes for the Board of County Commission meetings. The Clerk shall have custody of the seal and affix the same to any paper or instrument as required by law in accordance with Section 28.12, Florida Statutes.

The Board of County Commissioners Records Department (BOCC Records) was established and given functions based on Florida Statutes 28.12 and 125.17.

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