Changes Coming to Redaction of Confidential Information

Beginning July 1, all filers of circuit civil, county civil and small claims court documents will be solely responsible for ensuring that confidential information is redacted or is identified for redaction.

In Opinion 20-1765, the Florida Supreme Court amended Rule 2.420 requiring the filer to be solely responsible for identifying confidential information in small claims, county civil and most circuit civil court documents.

Anyone filing documents in these types of cases must either:
• Redact the information themselves before filing the document; or,
File a Notice of Confidential Information when records contain social security numbers, bank account numbers or other non-public information, as specified in Florida Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.420. The Notice of Confidential Information must identify the type of information to be redacted and all page numbers containing that information. This includes exhibits attached to court filings.

These changes do not apply to juvenile, family, guardianship, probate or criminal cases.

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