Clerk Finance

Clerk Financial Reports

Our office believes strongly in transparency and providing the public with information pertaining to the finances of the Clerk’s Office.

Clerk Annual Budgets – The Clerk of Court prepares an annual budget in accordance with F.S. 218.35. (Jordan please put a ticket in to upload the recent budget reports to website)

Clerk Annual Financial Statements – The Clerk of Court is audited annually in conjunction with the Board’s annual independent financial audit.

Clerk Annual Article V Audit – The Department of Financial Services audits our court-related budget for purposes of verifying the appropriateness of our expenditures of court-related revenues.

Clerk Annual IV-D Audit – As a part of a State “pass-through” grant from the Federal government, our Child Support department is audited by a separate CPA firm to ensure these grant funds are used in accordance with the grant limitations. Additionally, our office is audited each year to establish a “IV-D Cost Reimbursement Rate”

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