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If a refund check on a cash bond deposit was previously sent to you but you did not receive it, these forms should be completed and turned into the Clerk of Court’s office for processing.

  • Complete both forms and sign.
  • Submit the form along with a photocopy of your valid driver’s license to:

Okaloosa County Clerk of Court
ATTN: Customer Service
101 E James Lee Blvd Room 108
Crestview, FL  32536
Email: [email protected]

For questions or assistance regarding this process, contact the Clerk’s office at 850-689-5000 or 850-651-7200.

Payment Plans

Sign Up for a Payment Plan

In order to better serve you, our Court Financial Services Team is available to assist with setting up a payment plan. Since each case is unique, we have a dedicated team who will walk you through the process and assist with any plan modifications. 

There are two different ways to get in contact with one of our team members:

The team members will assist with completion of the Payment Plan Agreement Form linked here.

NOTE: The Payment Plan Agreement MUST be completed and signed by the individual who is named in the case and responsible for the fees.

A $25 administration fee for each case will be assessed at the time the plan is initiated.

Certain cases may also require additional late fees to be paid at plan initiation as well.

Once you have completed the Payment Plan Agreement form, you will be asked to send it in along with all required fees to the Clerk’s Office by email or one of the following alternative methods:


ATTN: Court Financial Services      
1940 Lewis Turner Blvd.                    
Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 32547


You may drop off your completed form at the drop-box located at either of or offices.
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Crestview – 101 East James Lee Blvd
FWB – 1940 Lewis Turner Blvd.   

If upfront fees are required, our office can provide specific guidance on how to pay online or over the phone. 

Any request for accommodation will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Payment Plan Eligibility

You may apply for a payment plan on any case(s) where you are not on active probation, provided the amount due exceeds $100.

If the case(s) you are seeking to pay have been sent to collections or you have defaulted on a previous payment plan, you are not eligible for a new payment plan. 

In these circumstances, you must

  • Pay the balance in full, or
  • Call Penn Credit at 800-900-1380 to resolve the balance due. 

When financial obligations are not paid in accordance with their deadlines, additional costs related to license suspension (i.e. D6 fees) may be assessed.  It may take up to 90 days from the D6 issue date for Penn Credit to receive complete information on your case(s).

If your case(s) have not been sent to Penn Credit for collections and have never had a payment plan, you may initiate a payment plan upon payment of D6 fees (if applicable) AND Payment Plan fees ($25 per case).

NOTE: If mailing your documents, please include the applicable remittance as certified funds payable to:  Clerk of Court.  Upon receipt of your contract and proper administration fees, your completed contract will be provided to you via the email address indicated on the application.  It will include your monthly and total payment amounts as well as your scheduled due dates.

Making Payments

Once your payment plan is established you may make your payments online, by phone, or in person. You must have your case number in order to process your payment.

Online –

Phone – Through our third-party vendor, nCourt at (855) 893-7926

In Person – At either location listed below

Fort Walton Beach Annex Extension: 1940 Lewis Turner Blvd., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Crestview Courthouse: 101 East James Lee Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536

NOTE: The clerk’s office does not accept personal checks. 

Service fees will apply for any transactions completed using a credit or debit card.

When paying for a payment plan in person, you must have either the payment plan number and/or the case number for us to allocate the payment correctly.

We suggest taking a photo of the top portion of the payment plan contract from your cell phone, this will be an easy way for you to supply the information to the intake clerk.

Payment Plans FAQ’s

Can I get an extension on my payment plan?
It may be possible for you to extend the due date (one time) of your payment. Please contact Court Financial Services at 850-651-7200 ext. 4350. If you would like your due date changed for future payments, you must complete an amended payment plan to reflect the change.
I am on a payment plan and have received an additional citation - can I add this new citation to my existing payment plan?
You may add the new case to your existing payment plan; please provide the customer service clerk with your existing payment plan number. An amended payment plan agreement will need to be completed and signed. The amendment will consolidate your cases, providing your existing payment plan has not been defaulted.

A $25 administration fee is required for each case not previously listed on the payment plan.

NOTE: If your case has been sent to collections you must contact Penn Credit 1-800-900-1380.

What if I cannot make my first payment on my payment plan?
You will need to contact the Court Financial Services Department for a change in the payment due date/amount at 651-7200 ext. 4350. All changes to the original agreement require an amended agreement to be completed and signed by you.
How can I get back on the Payment Plan once it has been defaulted? I defaulted on my payment plan; can I get another one?
If you have defaulted on a payment plan, you must contact Penn Credit to set up a payment plan through the collection agency.

You may not enter into another payment plan with the Clerk’s office on the same case that was defaulted.

You may reach Penn Credit at: 1-800-900-1380

I cannot find my case number or payment plan contract number to make my payment, can you help?

You may find your public record case number(s) on our website > Select Court Records > Read and Accept the Disclaimer > Select “Name” (Last, First) > Answer equation > Search.

 A list of cases matching your name will appear, you may then select individual cases for review to determine the correct case number.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to provide case number(s) or payment plan contract number(s) to ensure proper processing of payments.

 We suggest taking a photograph of your payment plan contract with your cell phone to utilize when making your payments.

Bondsman Registration

Agents are required to register and file a certified copy of the power of attorney with both the Clerk and Sheriff by April 1st of each odd-numbered year in the county in which the agent resides. (FS 648.42)

The Clerk may not permit registration unless the agent is currently licensed and appointed by the Department of Financial Services.

An agent may also register in any other county. Below is the Bondsman Registration Packet which must be completed and returned to either Clerk’s Office location. 

Bondsman Registration Packet

Filing Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2014 unless otherwise specified

Filing Fee Schedule 

Department Contacts:
Courthouse Annex Extension
Court Financial Services

1940 Lewis Turner Blvd.
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 651-7200 ext. 4350
[email protected]