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Warrant Listing – March 2021warrantlisting3.2021-1.pdfagenda
February 2021 Summary Finance Report5-Updated-Summary-Finance-Report-Feb-2021-1.pdfagenda
Warrant Listing – February 2021warrantlisting2.2021-1.pdfagenda
January 2021 Summary Finance Report4-Summary-Finance-Report-Jan-2021-3.pdfagenda
Warrant Listing – January 2021warrantlisting1.2021-1.pdfagenda
December 2020 Summary Finance Report3-Summary-Finance-Report-Dec-2020-1.pdfagenda
November 2020 Summary Finance Report2-Summary-Finance-Report-Nov-2020-1.pdfagenda
Warrant Listing – December 2020warrantlisting12.2020-1.pdfagenda
Warrant Listing – November 2020warrantlisting11.2020-1.pdfagenda
FY 2020 4th Quarter4th-Quarter-2020-Final-1.pdfagenda
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All public records request should be directed to the designated Records Custodian, Don Allgood.

Don Allgood, D.C., RMO, RMLO, CPM
Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller
1940 Lewis Turner Blvd.
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547