Tax Deed Surplus – November 5, 2020

12/11/201808-1S-22-0330-0007-000018TD161Ervin Vance L$20,417.33
12/11/201808-2N-25-0000-0003-011018TD162Richardson Lester & Dobey R$4,292.81
3/12/202010-2N-25-0000-0006-141018TD184Bailey Daniel Junior & Jewel C$1,042.04
9/10/201910-2N-25-0000-0006-096019TD008Pedro Diaz$3,328.05
9/10/201915-2S-25-0000-0011-015019TD093Gregory W Rowland$1,878.84
11/14/201919-3N-22-0000-0001-001019TD120North Florida Holdings LLC$7,655.50
11/14/201915-3N-24-0000-0041-000019TD116William D Adams$6,363.82
11/14/201909-2S-24-244A-0006-004019TD114Viola & Ora Williams$20,456.95
11/14/201910-2N-24-0000-0002-120019TD104Wesley B & Angelique R Howell$1,235.07
11/14/201904-3N-23-1845-0001-020019TD102Otto & Betty Reynolds$5,834.24
1/14/202002-2N-25-0000-0001-008B19TD134Sallie M Austin-Peaden$4,153.37
1/14/202016-3N-24-0000-0020-000019TD136Diane Burt$4,553.13
1/14/202018-3N-23-0000-0047-000019TD137Catherine Parks$46.89
8/11/202011-2S-24-1010-0000-001020TD061Betty Jean Godwin$114,869.15
8/11/202014-2S-24-221D-000C-007020TD077Magdalena E Loss$82,878.62
8/11/202005-5N-22-2510-0006-003020TD085Dewey E Tucker$16,283.34
8/11/202021-3N-23-1670-0019-001020TD127Wesley A & Karem M Berry$10,669.89
9/8/202000-2S-22-213U-000C-310720TD109Beverly A Penfield$189,705.58
9/8/202016-2S-24-0962-0000-007020TD110Charles W Clary$102,037.38
9/8/202021-3N-23-1670-0012-009020TD122James and Mary Orice$5,685.43
9/8/202017-4N-24-0000-0011-003020TD151Jack Barfiled$2,793.19
9/8/202021-3N-23-1670-0024-045A20TD152Alan Wanye Casey$2,435.81
9/8/202027-4N-22-0000-0003-008B20TD153Lisa D Bean$11,985.87
9/8/202003-5N-24-2770-0000-121020TD162Alma V Hall$103.55
10/20/202017-3N-23-2490-0082-006020TD041Lois M Weaver$7,307.19
10/20/202016-3N-23-2690-0007-004A20TD082Allen Grube$4,966.90

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