CivilCivil Forms


FS 65.091(3): The Clerk of Circuit Court must provide a simplified form for the filing of a complaint to quiet title based on a fraudulent attempted conveyance allegation. The form shall include instructions for completing such form.

Question: When should this form be used?
Answer: If you believe that a fraudulent attempted conveyance has been recorded in the Official Record and you are seeking a remedy. There are two forms to choose from (Wild Deed and Forged Deed); You must select the appropriate form pertaining to your situation.

Filing fees: $400-$1905 (depending on the value of the property)
Summons $10 to issue, $17 to prepare and issue

There is no guarantee that this complaint form will provide the relief you are seeking. If you are unsure about what action to take, please consult with an attorney. The Clerk is not authorized to give legal advice.